MedTech Equipment

Since our inception, GCM has provided products and services to leading OEM Medical Equipment customers. Markets include, but are not limited to, oncology treatment, cardiovascular therapy, robotic surgery systems and diagnostic testing platforms. Our manufacturing systems are supported by an ISO 13485 Certified Quality System and nearly four decades of experience in understanding the rigor necessary to compete in this industry.



Similar to the Med-Tech industry, the Aerospace market requires an equally rigorous level of quality requirements for its mission critical applications.  At GCM, we are able to leverage our engineering and manufacturing practices to meet the demands of the Aerospace industry.  


Diversified Industrial

Over the years, GCM has developed a wide breadth of manufacturing know-how and technologies that have impactful applications. Our goal is to align our capabilities with targeted, diversified end markets, some of which include: transportation, energy, and national scientific testing labs.



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