Engineering Services

Driving Value Through Engineering

Our engineering-first mindset, coupled with a focus on manufacturing innovation, provides the expertise and results that you need to bring your product to market. Our engineers offer a wide range of value-added services including product design optimization, material selection and processing expertise.

After taking the time to learn about your business, GCM can help guide you through optimizing specifications and design for manufacturability. We’ll work with your engineers to build pre-production prototypes while providing you with suggestions to optimize your product. When we’re finished, we will execute a step-by-step manufacturing process that is validated to your requirements.

We can help you think through your most challenging design problems.

Why choose GCM for engineering services?

Our expert quality and engineering teams use experimentation and continuous product analysis to support product development and verification. Not only will GCM assist you with prototyping, but we’ll also make sure that your product is more cost effective overall through optimized manufacturing solutions. Through our iterative process, you’ll receive helpful and constructive feedback throughout every stage of our partnership.

GCM works with your engineers to build sample and pre-production prototypes of your designs. Our Silicon Valley location is equipped for rapid prototyping with 3D printing, speeding up the engineering and product development cycle.

GCM will:

  • Provide feedback throughout the design and prototyping process
  • Work directly with your engineers to build sample and pre-production units
  • Support an efficient path from design to prototype
  • Facilitate continued design iteration
  • Offer guidance with design for manufacturability suggestions during prototyping

Throughout the entire design process, we’ll work with you directly to optimize the physical configuration, geometry and metallurgy of your part designs to achieve a high manufacturability. We’ll suggest changes that can be made to your products to make them more cost effective, have higher yield and reduce the time it takes to make them.

After we help you complete your design we will come up with optimized step-by-step manufacturing process for your products from raw materials to final packaging. We focus on developing processes that are lean and robust, helping to minimize cost and maximize product flow.

The GCM team has experience with critical special processes such as welding, brazing, coatings and adhesive bonding. The processes require special validation protocols to ensure integrity to final design requirements.

After machining parts, our engineers can provide you with the technical management of unique processes that are expected for high complexity parts.