Robotic Welding and Joining Technologies

Bringing Your Project Together

From AWS D1.1 certified structural welding and industrial metals to medical soldering and adhesives, our project engineering team can guide you to the best solution for how to assemble your products. GCM offers robotic gas metal arc welding (GMAW), robotic gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), hydrogen furnace brazing and IPC-certified soldering.

Why GCM for welding and joining technologies?

By focusing on both automatic and manual joining solutions, GCM can help you assemble your products no matter the project. Our robotic welding options are perfect for efficient mass-production opportunities while our skilled operators have the expertise and flexibility to fit any design. Certified to IPC J-STD-001, our experienced trainer and technicians can make the critical connections for your final product.

Gas tungsten arc welding: Our skilled operators can produce strong, high-quality welds with GTAW since it allows for a greater level of control over the weld area than other methods of welding.

Robotic GMAW
Gas metal arc welding: This semi-automatic welding process is faster than most other forms of welding, allowing for easy robotic integration into your system. GMAW robots are capable of all-position and yield higher quality welds and more efficient processes.

Lincoln Dual Robotic Welding Stations

  • Robotic arm, high-speed, 6-axis Fanuc Are Mate​
  • Software process control with cloud-based remote monitoring​
  • Work zone dimensions: 36″ to 72″ by 84″ to 144″
  • Weight capacity: 6,000 lbs.​
  • Dual headstock with Power Wave 455M source and feeder

Using hydrogen as the reducing agent, this type of brazing creates durable, flux-free joints that have higher structural integrity than what can be achieved through other processes. Parts come out bright and clean after processing, ready for ultra high vacuum or medical applications.

Certified in IPC best practices, our experienced operators can bring your design together without melting the work pieces, the way that welding can. This makes soldering perfect for electrical applications.