Our Legacy

For nearly 40 years, GCM has been on a journey grounded by unwavering organizational principles.  Everyone at GCM strives to conduct him or herself in a highly professional manner by following three core values.  We believe that when our values are acted upon in unison, they foster the ultimate customer experiences.

Pursue Excellence: We strive to excel in all aspects of our business

Execute on Commitments: We understand the importance of fulfilling our promises

Earn Customers’ Trust: By achieving excellence and following through on our commitments, we earn our Customers’ Trust


Our History


GCM has its roots in two manufacturing companies, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and M & Ko, that each began over 35 years ago. Both companies grew in size and capability, culminating when they joined forces in 2014, expanded their technologies and expertise. In 2017, they were united under one brand. Today, GCM offers value-added engineering solutions in three locations: Chicago, Silicon Valley and Dongguan.

It’s time to go beyond manufacturing… it’s time to Go GCM.


Our Team

We employ over 300 individuals across our 3 global locations. At GCM, we prioritize innovation, creativity and excellence. All of our employees bring a dynamic background and skill set to the table. We look forward to working with you!


Silicon Valley Team


Dongguan Team